By Andy McVittie & Paul Davies
Titan Books, $29.99, 144 pages

The Art of Watch Dogs is another beautiful art book from Titan Books. Watch Dogs was developed by Ubisoft, of Assassin’s Creed fame, and is a beautifully modern, open world game based in Chicago that revolves around several hackers with various goals. The art book is a colorful, coffee table book that highlights various game design aspects. While there is the obligatory character section, albeit smaller than usual, what really steals the stage are the art sketches of the game’s setting. Since the game is based in Chicago, the artists borrowed from real life but added their own personal twists to create a very engaging and interactive game environment.

“We played with contrasts and juxtaposition. We loved surprising player’s expectations by hiding cryptic messages within aesthetic environments.”

This is a great book for readers that are interested in the Watch Dogs video game. It gives a close look at the character designs, the graffiti created for the game, but specifically focuses on the setting of Chicago. Readers who aren’t interested in setting sketches, this art book might not be for you.

Reviewed by Whitney Smyth

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