Love and relationships are of everyone’s concern. Ty Tashiro explores these subjects in fine details in The Science of Happily Ever After. This is a scholarly volume complete with chapter-by-chapter bibliography and an index. There is far too much information in here to keep most readers’ interests while looking into details yet the writing is easy to read, the style is friendly and the text is filled with great information.

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“…a conservative estimate of the divorce and permanent separation rate is 60 percent.”

Tashiro quotes numerous fascinating case studies from his practice and his personal life, all related to love, relationships, ending relationships and better understanding the theory and practice of all. Numerous tables, charts, bar graphs and other supporting visuals based on research are scattered throughout, some not that easy to understand. We learn about such things as liking and lust, traits of your partner, physical appearance of a potential mate, beauty and personality, love and marriage throughout history, red flags of relationships and many other aspects of love. Some are frightening: the huge percentage of failed marriages and relationships, the equally large number of unhappy marriages and the surprisingly few that remain “happily ever after.” This book is a reference material for professionals but all of us can gain from it.

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