The Whisper of Stars is an extraordinary offbeat sci-fi thriller. According to author Nick Jones, in the not so distant future of 2091, astounding scientific innovations and shocking methods will be used to deal with rapid climate change and planet overpopulation. In his story, many urban spaces have been occupied by Hibernation facilities. Every other year, about 80% of the population are drafted for hibernation. While this goes on, new kinds of crime occur which requires a Special Duality police division to control Enforced Hibernation, illegal cloning and mind replication.

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Jennifer Logan, a loyal and faithful agent, finds it hard to accept that somebody in the government has broken the law and is using a mind search engine on the people sleeping in the Hibernation facilities. When she tries to discover the truth behind this violation, she becomes a fugitive, hunted by the government and her former colleagues. The politicians and tycoons involved in this corruption want to discover and possess a mysterious device called Histeridae that Jennifer’s late father stole from his lab thirty years earlier.

“Some secrets are better left buried.”

The story is concerned with the mind and ways to manipulate it and it moves as rapidly as people’s thoughts. The  persuasive and smooth narrative grabs readers’ attention. The book’s strong structure and short but precise descriptions help it. The clean and firm sentences are detailed enough to influence readers’ involvement in what is happening. There is a new, intriguing and unpredictable twist within every chapter which is amazingly convincing and believable. Such a future is easy to imagine and it is clearly relevant to our society. The significance of the fabulous device’s name, Histeridae (a family of beetles), lies in the etymology of this word and people’s belief in Hister beetles’ supernatural ability. For a debut novel this is a marvelously powerful whisper and a captivating read!

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