John H. Matthews’ This Is Where It Gets Interesting is a collection of 28 short stories with a wide variety of themes, characters and settings. Most stories in this book are character-driven. Matthews’ writing is palpable, edgy, quirky and by no means confined to familiarity. We meet characters like Death, a Black Tornado, Uncle Creepy, Dr. Mayhem and more entertaining characters that are way beyond the mundane or ordinary. They will stir the imagination.

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These stories are hilarious and witty and will give readers a closer look at life and society from a unique, often critical angle. “The Wall,” for example, gives a glimpse into the issue of freedom versus authority. “And You” is a concise commentary on personal choice and identity. “The Actor” takes a snapshot of gender role play in a marital relationship.

“God says: Use Jesus Motor Fuel – Put a savior in your tank!”

This book is interesting from beginning to end. It is like a box of chocolate where you can expect to get a different delight every time you reach in. The book’s only weakness is the frequent use of allusions and cultural references, something that may limit the experience for some readers. But if you are familiar with Americana and have a taste for humor and good stories, this is your book.

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