Walking With Dinosaurs: Friends Stick Together is an I Can Read Book based on the popular BBC show and a soon-to-be movie. A long time ago Pachyrhinosaurus were born. They are the dinosaurs with the frill on their necks. They are vegetarians. The smallest in the nest was Patchi. Patchi wandered away and was snatched up by another dinosaur named Troodon. Fortunately, Patchi’s father, Bulldust, rescued him. Patchi was curious but clumsy and watched his bigger brother, Scowler, in awe. Patchi’s various friends like Alex, an Alexornis and Juniper, another Pachyrhinosaurus spent time with him wandering the earth. The dinosaurs faced a challenging life trying to survive but they had their friends to help them along.

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Walking With Dinosaurs: Friends Stick Together will challenge your young reader with some difficult words but they will be motivated to read this book. The storyline contains valuable lessons on friendship, survival, family and dealing with challenges. The realistic photos make the ancient time feel like present day. If your child is interested in dinosaurs, this will definitely be a favorite book.

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