Having recently watched the movie, this reviewer really wanted to love this book, as the other books from this series have been pretty awesome. The cover shows a bright photograph taken from the movie, but when you open the book, the pictures are so dark you can barely make out Patchi and his friend Juniper on any of the pages. It almost looks like someone took pictures from outside a window into the movie theater. Since this is a leveled reading book, pictures are really important as they help newer readers with the story and words.

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“SNAP! The crab’s pincers latch onto Patchi’s nose. Patchi yelps in surprise and shakes the crab loose.”

The story was written well, and it picks up where a major scene of the movie left off. After Juniper’s leg is hurt, it summarizes the constant scary migration as they try to catch up with the rest of the herd. They both are super lucky to have survived so many threats, and it is sad to think that none of the adult dinosaurs they were traveling with bothered to stay with them or to see if they had parents. Check this book out from the library unless you can find a copy with better pictures.

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