In What We Hide, readers are treated to a term in an English boarding school during the height of the Vietnam War. Jenny arrives at Illington Hall to accompany her brother who is dodging the draft by enrolling in an English college. She quickly becomes embroiled in the lies and secrets surrounding the students of Illington Hall by telling her own little white lie. In a place where everyone is hiding something, the lies may become all anyone can see.

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“Were we all hiding all the time, camouflaged by what other people expected to see?”

In What We Hide, Jenny is only one of eight protagonists that Marthe Jocelyn uses to tell her story. Each chapter is written from the point of view of a different character, allowing insight and a different perspective on the events that occur. While some readers may find this confusing, others may come to enjoy getting to know each character a little deeper than they would have otherwise. Unlike many novels, there is no single earth-shattering or overwhelming conflict. This is a story where each character is wrestling with their own secrets, which makes What We Hide a slower paced yet thought-provoking tale on growing up and facing your own shortcomings.

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