Fall into a world where princesses marry monsters, where ravens become men of dreams, and where Prince Charming has a kinky side. A Princess Bound is an erotic anthology that is delightfully naughty and surprising in its craftsmanship. No tawdry romance here; each of these stories are as exquisitely crafted as they are arousing.  But that is not surprising considering the ever-rising quality that readers can expect from anthologies edited by Kristina Wright and published by Cleis Press. A great way to describe this book is “meaty;” the prose is polished, the characters complex, the plot and kink significant. It’s the kind of reading that will stick with you long after you finish.

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“It was as if he’d been made just to pleasure her, and she wondered how much was happy happenstance, and how much the subtle art of faerie glamour.”

Thought-provoking and arousing, A Princess Bound will entangle readers with its prose and hold them under its spell. Stories by erotica authors such as Ariel Graham, Benjamin Creek, and Victoria Blisse offer complex, rich, thoughtful erotica that will make you strain against the bonds of your own imagination. All these stories tap into the underlying tones of bondage already present in the old fairy tales but portray it in new, delicious ways. Erotica fans will be delighted by this kinky, quirky, and overall hot collection.

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