Emily Annette Running spent her youth and young adulthood studying dance, honing her craft and toning her body into a machine capable of carrying out the most intense and enthralling moves. A dancer, aerialist, and yoga instructor, Running is on a path, although not quite sure where it will lead. Her future seems deeply tied to her profession, which has been the center of her identity for years. Whether pursuing her passion in Los Angeles or jetting to Paris on a whim to find herself, Emily is figuring out life much in the same haphazard way as many young people—albeit with the added pressure and passion that results from having a myopic passion and a life course.

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However, when Running is diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a congenital condition that, without surgery, will end her career, she is faced with feelings of hopelessness, failure and an immense loss. She has no idea what she will do with her future. Can she continue to dance? Will she be able to dance after the surgery, an incredibly risky procedure? Anatomy Riot traces Running’s journey from diagnosis to the present, and tells an incredibly relatable story of one woman’s journey to reclaim her identity—and find her true identity—after facing the potential loss of what she had considered her identity. The memoir chronicles her feelings of despair and loss, both of which are common when faced with the loss of what a person considers integral to his or her identity. And while the book could use some editing and reformatting, there is something to be said when someone’s unique journey is easily relatable to everyone. Human experience isn’t that varied. No matter the circumstance, we all are faced with challenges to our sense of self and identity. Running’s journey, and her ability to come out stronger as a result, may provide comfort to those in similar circumstances.

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