Warning! In spite of the title, this book is not for children. This dark crime novel will grasp adults from the beginning.

As an unwanted child, the heroine of Childhood Games by J.M. Roach went from one foster family to another. There was only one family where she felt loved. Unfortunately, she was there for only a short period of time. At the age of eight she was taken from the family by the government so she could participate in a secret experiment. She was isolated and trained to be a relentless and unemotional killer by a mysterious man who demanded she call him “Father.” For many years she unquestioningly performed her assigned missions. However, nothing was able to erase the memory of those few happy years of her life.

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At the age of twenty-four, after escaping Father’s grip by a faked death and several plastic surgeries, she starts to work in a small company established by her former foster dad under the name Samantha Black. Two years later she wakes up in a hospital with several gunshots and no memory of how it happened. She learns that all her co-workers have been murdered and the young daughter of the company’s founder has been kidnapped. Samantha considered the girl to be a sister and is determined to find who is behind this horrible event. Despite her severe injuries, Samantha is on an unstoppable mission again!

“Based on what I hear, tricky is the name of the game.”

A new and dangerous game begins. Is Father responsible for this atrocious massacre? The action in the book comes fast like in a classic thriller movie…shootings abound. And a trail of dead bodies follow Samantha. The author’s experience in screenwriting is very apparent. Many scenes are remarkable visual. The book’s main character is an attractive female and guys will probably love her! Regardless of her gloomy past, the emotionally vulnerable Samantha is strangely likable. This suspenseful story remains unpredictable to the very end. Find out what happens to Samantha in Childhood Games.

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