Since the cover displays a redheaded girl in a green dress set against a fog-bathed rocky landscape, when paired with the actual story, it is difficult not to immediately think of the movie Brave. This will sit well or poorly with readers thinking of picking up this title, depending on whether they are looking for a literary remake of Brave or not.

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Maeve is the youngest of six daughters, Princesses to the mighty High King. Maeve is unique, and had her own agenda – one not particularly focused on being prim and proper. As the rest of her sisters are sent off to other kingdoms, Maeve alone is kept as the secret weapon. Nearing adulthood she starts to realize that if she were equipped with everyday skills like a man, she would be worthy of her father’s kingdom. When a young druid boy comes to the castle, her life changes in ways she never imagined.

“Perhaps you’re not, for a girl. But a girl is what you are, to your very heart.”

This isn’t a fast-paced book, but the story is solid and the characters bring the world around them to life. However, the story feels like it’s missing something. I would suggest checking this one out from the library.

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