Based off the movie How To Train Your Dragon, Dragons: Riders of Berk is a full-color graphic novel about Hiccup and Toothless, and most of the kid characters we now know from the movie. It provides you a guide at the start that gives everyone’s name just in case you haven’t seen the movie in a while.

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In this book, Hookfang is missing, so everyone decides to go look for him. But the not-so-nice Alvin the Treacherous is also looking for Hookfang, and who knows what will happen if he gets there first. The kids work together, but when Hiccup is grounded by his dad, he decides to break the rules and save Hookfang.

“Hold course, you worthless son of a milk-maid…”

This is a short book easy enough for beginning readers and a with storyline that even older kids will enjoy reading. The art is very colorful and the illustrations look just like the movie characters. In the end, the kids show Hookfang what it means to be a true Viking. I think anyone who likes graphic novels will really like this book.

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