Gabriel Hunt and his brother Michael are attending a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when a beautiful woman carrying a strange bundle makes her way to them. As she approaches, a waiter pulls a gun on her and demands the bundle. While Gabriel jumps in and struggles with the waiter, the woman throws the bundle to Michael. Other men, posing as waiters, have automatic weapons and create panic in the crowded room. The men, unable to retrieve the bundle, take the woman and flee through a back entrance.

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The Hunt brothers are left with only what remains of the bundle to try and sort out what has happened. The bundle turns out to contain an old whiskey bottle full of water – which was broken in the scuffle – wrapped up in an antique Civil War flag from the Confederate Army. Both appear to have come from an area in northern Florida, so Gabriel travels there to search for answers, and soon finds himself in hot water. Before this Hunt brother’s hunt is over, he travels to Mexico and Guatemala, pursued by the criminals the entire way.

The Gabriel Hunt books have all been written by different authors, a delightful enterprise that gives each story a unique flavor. They are all based on the same premise, however, and characters and provide a great fantasy escape.

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