Gabriel Hunt is sharing a drink with a beautiful redhead at the Discoverer’s League Lounge when several men with guns burst in to demand the historic Death’s Head Key from him. Gabriel has just returned from the Amazon with the artifact and is unwilling to give it up, but as he is unarmed, he has no choice. According to legend, the Key was part of a terrible ancient weapon. Directly following the loss of the Key, Gabriel’s brother Michael asks him to go to Borneo to find Joyce, the niece of a family friend who has been missing for days. Unknown to Hunt, Joyce was seeking artifacts related to the Death’s Head Key, and has been kidnapped by religious fanatics who were after the same thing. Gabriel’s trip to Borneo is just the first leg of a long journey into mystery and danger.

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Formats: Mass Market Paperback, Audiobook
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Dust off your “Indie fedora” to read this rousing archeological adventure novel! The suspense builds as Gabriel and Joyce find three missing jewels related to the Key, and repeatedly lose them to thugs bent on world domination. Even though it could use a bit of polish and editing, any fan of pulp fiction will greatly enjoy this book.

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