Nick Gautier has the worst life any teen could imagine, or so he thinks. His life has been spent catering to his manipulative and overprotective mother, being the wingman to a group of undead Dark-Hunters, and living life smothered in sarcasm so thick, sometimes it’s overwhelming. With Adarian dead, Nick just wants his life to be normal. Why does he have to be a demon’s son and why can’t all these creatures just leave him alone? Nick finds his answers when he is sucked into another dimension, where nothing is what it should be and the people he knew are now different in more ways than one. He will have to find it in himself to get the answers he so desperately needs while trying to find his way back to his real self in one piece.

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“In every universe, we play out different decisions we’ve made for whatever reason. What breaks one person at one time can make them strong at another. And one small variable can have devastating consequences. Timing is everything, kid.”

Illusion provides readers a soul-searching spinoff from what Sherrilyn Kenyon typically writes but don’t be fooled, since this book contains all the same passion and fervor of her others. While this is a great standalone book, I suggest starting with Book One, since The Chronicles of Nick is slated to be a twelve-book series that you won’t want to miss!

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