Public art, though we may be oblivious to it, is around us more often than we realize. This is certainly the case in major cities like New York, and this book highlights the public art that is available to see in all five boroughs. Each borough has its own section, though Manhattan is split up into five different sections because it has the largest collection of art. Consider this a travel guide, kind of like Fodor’s. Instead of providing you suggestions for places to eat, see, and sleep, this one shows you where you can view public art and gives a short history of each piece’s subject and placement. This book is written for people traveling to New York. It is compact, has a lot of pictures, and includes maps of where to see the art.

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With travel guides it is generally hard to go wrong, and this is no exception. The book provides brief tidbits of information about each piece, the writing is accessible, and Phifer keeps it short and simple. A guide like this will have great value for art lovers when they travel to New York.

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