This book contains two novellas, The Select and The Orphan. These short stories had me wishing they were full-length books, as each story was so well-written that you feel these kids deserved to have their entire story told, not just a teaser piece of it.

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Daria is the orphan and is easily a favorite for readers, as you feel bad for her circumstances and what she had to do to save the ones she loves – something she said she would never do. She reminds me of Enzio from Assassin’s Creed, as most of her story involves her being stealthy and traveling by rooftop throughout the city. Burt’s story wasn’t as interesting to me, but I think if it had been longer, I would have connected more with him. The cliffhanger also makes for an ending that most people don’t like.

“A sacred island? Ancient healing power? This is not science.”

Overall, if you have read any of the Seven Wonders series, you should really read this one, too. There is a reason for everything, and eventually you’ll find out what role Daria and Burt play in this adventurous world. This book is definitely recommended!

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