We all have hobbies. Some people like to collect things. Others like to shop. And some people enjoy travel. Melody Overton, Public Defender by day and Starbucks aficionado by night, has found her hobby…all things Starbucks. Read about her adventures in Tales of the Siren: A StarbucksMelody. In Melody’s own words, her book includes “stories of leadership passion and responsibility brewed in a cup of coffee.”

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Tales of the Siren is full of Melody’s experiences with her favorite coffee stores. Each chapter is a different story about meeting top executives, forming friendships with Baristas (Partners), taste testing and building a community with other fans.

A particularly fascinating chapter is “Thanksgiving Blend.” After Melody became a member of Starbucks Gold, she was invited to a roasting event where she participated in a cupping. Cupping is a way of tasting coffee where tiny cups with grounds in them are filled with hot water and are left to brew for about four minutes. After a crust forms on the top, it is scraped off and the coffee is tasted by slurping it off a spoon. This chapter is just one of the many in which Melody shares unique moments she has had the pleasure of experiencing. Readers will enjoy finding out about the customs and traditions of Starbucks that a majority of the public does not know about. These stories also help to humanize the huge company.

And Melody has had the chance to see behind the scenes of corporate headquarters. Melody has met Starbuck’s top executives. She is very proud that she, a fan and someone who enjoys coffee, has been able to get to know CEO Howard Schultz and Cliff Burrows (whom she refers to as the President of Just About Everything Starbucks). Readers who think of this company as a huge conglomerate will see glimpses of how it started and the actual people who work in the stores on a daily basis.

Melody also has a website that complements her book. Since the book only covers the time between April 1, 2008 and January 2, 2014, her blog catches people up on what Melody has been doing. Her blog is current, fresh and fun to read. If you like the stories she tells in her book, check out her site at http://www.StarbucksMelody.com!

Melody’s writing is clear and she is very relatable. She has had some wild experiences and it is apparent that Melody feels very strongly about sharing the magic of Starbucks with readers. Grab a cup for yourself and enjoy learning about one woman’s hobby. You may become a #1 Starbucks fan yourself!

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