What would you do when it seems you have accomplished all the things that you thought you ever wanted?

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The heroine of Chrissy Anderson’s The Life List is now in her 30s. She made a life list at age sixteen and being the control freak she is, was practically done with it when she turned 28. She has a dream house in Danville, three best friends to whom she can confide her deepest and dirtiest secrets, a job in the fashion industry and she even married her handsome high school crush. She also planned to have her first child but unfortunately had a miscarriage. Soon after this sad event, she starts questioning the reality of her perfect “Ken & Barbie” life. A subsequent unexpected meeting with a younger man who becomes her lover increases the narrator’s doubts about her life even more and lands her on a shrink’s couch.

“Is Leo a message sent to me to repair a marriage I didn’t even know was broken? Or is he a sign to run as far away from it as possible?”

Do you remember Francesca from The Bridges of Madison County? That story brings up the question of how long it takes a person to make life-defining decisions. In The Life List, the protagonist takes three years to make life-altering choices in order to become true to herself. Readers may question her choices, but they will not feel indifferent about this “overly generous, but at the same time horrifically mean-spirited” character. She looks fragile, is kind of snobbish but is really a strong and attractive blonde. She will definitely catch the attention of readers.

Reading about her turbulent life and emotional instability may also cause readers to learn something about themselves. Since the protagonist and the author share the same name, Chrissy Anderson, it is clear this story is based on the author’s real-life experiences. Exact dates of events give this story validity and intrigue. Given that the book deals with unpleasant issues, readers should be prepared to come across dirty language. But its use is appropriate for the situation. The Life List is the first book of The List Trilogy. Readers will, without a doubt, be eager to know what happens to Chrissy in the next installment.

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