TheThirdRuleofTenBook Three of the Dharma Detective Series


By Gay Hendricks & Tinker Lindsay
Hay House, $14.95, 338 pages

Private Investigator Tenzing Norbu, a former monk and one-time LA detective, has been hired to solve what seems to be a simple missing persons case. The missing individual is an illegal immigrant from Central America who was working as a housekeeper for a politically ambitious conservative. Soon Ten finds himself in possession of a backpack full of drugs, while dead gangbangers start turning up with missing body parts. As he follows his leads, Ten finds that a second person has gone missing, and it becomes clear that powerful people and organizations are willing to kill to keep the secrets Ten is close to exposing.

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Trying to live by the gentle ways he was taught growing up as a Tibetan Lama, Ten struggles with the inner conflict his life in Los Angeles brings. His inner monologues are delightful as he struggles with relationship issues, his lapses from a vegan diet, and his need to find inner peace through honesty with himself and others. This superb book is sprinkled with gems of wisdom and humor, while still being a powerful story with sizzling action and an intriguing plot.

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