Ellice Traylor has spent a lifetime under her mother’s disapproving eye, pouring all her scandalous thoughts and feelings into an erotic manuscript. The son of a wastrel skirt-chaser, Ross Forster has become an uncompromising rule-follower, but nothing could prepare him for a contradiction like Ellice. Once Ross reads her manuscript, he finds it impossible to get the carnal scenes out of his head, and refuses to believe that a virgin could write such eroticism. When stolen kisses lead to a hasty marriage, Ellice and Ross must heal their wounded hearts in order to write a passionate, loving future for themselves.

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Readers can expect Karen Ranney to write memorable characters with potent chemistry, and this final Clan Sinclair novel does not disappoint. The Virgin of Clan Sinclair is a familiar story – girl meets boy, boy kisses girl, girl must marry or lose her reputation – starring delightfully unconventional characters. A termagant mother with a favorite-child complex, an acquisitive widow looking for love, and a virgin writer of erotic literature personify Ranney’s quirky style. All in all, The Virgin of Clan Sinclair is a terrific conclusion to what has been a fresh and imaginative series.

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