Valour and Vanity, the fourth installment in the Glamourist History series, is a Jane Austin novel dipped in fantasy. Jane and Vincent head down to Murano to find a glassmaker to collaborate with on a secret project. On their way, they are attacked by pirates and lose all their funds, identification, and Vincent is badly injured. A kindly old man, a fellow passenger on their boat, offers to help them out. However, they soon learn that all is not as it seems and that they have been targets of an extremely elaborate con. Desperate and angry, Jane and Vincent make a dangerous plan to turn the game on the swindlers.

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“How many ways had they been fools? Vincent could be excused because he had been sorely injured, but she? She had been too trusting.”

Valour and Vanity is incredibly charming, and completely fun to read to the last page. The book is Victorian-era historical fiction with elements of fantasy and the adventure of a heist. The characters are well-rounded and the world is incredibly organic, making this an easy book to get lost in. While this is the fourth novel in a series, it is not necessary to have read the previous installments in order to enjoy this book. A perfect book for historical fiction and fantasy fans alike.

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