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It is Little Bird’s birthday and Little Mouse is very kind. Little Mouse makes Little Bird a birthday cake and uses everything in his pantry. As Mouse is walking to Bird’s house to deliver the cake, he meets many friends along the way. Each friend asks for a piece of cake and offers something in trade. Chicken offers a cork, Squirrel offers a wire, Bear offers a net, and Cow offers a flyswatter. By the time Mouse arrives at Bird’s house, there is no cake left but instead an assembly of apparently useless stuff. Bird is delighted and certain he will find a use for each item. As Bird and Mouse walk back to Mouse’s house, they meet all the friends that ate the cake. In each situation, the friend is in need of something to solve a problem. For example, Cow lost the cap to his soap bottle and the cork was traded for milk. By the time they arrive at Mouse’s house they had traded all the items for the ingredients to make a cake. A party finishes the story, and everyone gets a piece of cake.

A Piece of Cake is a cute tale of cleverness and creativity. Your little reader will be engaged in the story and surprised at how all the trades create a thoughtful, kind result. The illustrations are beautiful and lessons about kindness, problem solving, and sharing abound.

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