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It’s amazing what can change in an instant. This is especially true for the characters of Heather Gudenkauf’s new book, Little Mercies. For Ellen Moore, it’s an instant that will tilt her world and all that she knows when her professional duties outweigh her personal life. The responsibilities of a social worker are never completely turned off, as Ellen well knows, and a late alarm turns a normal day into one horrible nightmare for which Ellen will have a hard time forgiving herself. It will change her family forever.

Along with Ellen and Adam Moore, we also meet ten-year-old Jenny Briard. Their lives come together in unexpected and mutually beneficial ways. Jenny’s parents, a negligent father and an absentee mother, make it hard for her to trust anyone. When her circumstances change, she is forced to learn to trust. Her life is turned on its head and she isn’t sure how to cope, but thankfully there is the Happy Pancake Restaurant, where her life changes for the better.

Gudenkauf doesn’t shy away from heavy themes that can be hard on the heart, but she does write with wit that will push you to finish the story once you’ve been sucked in. There are unexpected connections that make the book that much more enjoyable, and anyone who has read Gudenkauf’s work before will be pleased that there are little mercies are all around us.

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