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If your young reader is ready to learn about animals, don’t just hand them a book with a few pictures and lots of words; give them My Animal Book by OKIDO. This brand new, fun-filled introduction to the world of animals provides a hands-on learning experience that combines reading with a series of activities to reinforce what kids have learned.

Beginning readers will jump on board when they see the book’s fun format: a two-page spread instructs kids how to use their new book. Koko, Alex, and the other explorers serve as guides throughout the story. An orange arrow means “grown-up help is needed” and a set of orange hands means “get ready to do things!” Written in a comic book style, the explorers speak to each other and the reader via text bubbles, and bold, bright colors are used for the eye-catching illustrations. Each chapter or lesson is very short, which is perfect for fostering in-depth comprehension. A bit of information is presented and then an activity reinforces the concept. Topics covered include animal groups (mammals, reptiles, fish, insects, birds, amphibians), legs, tails, and wings, where animals live, how animals adapt to different climates, Amazon rain forest animals, sea creatures, types of animal homes, what (and how) animals eat, animals activities during the day and night, life in an ant colony, how animals have babies, animal families, camouflage, animal senses, and dinosaurs.

With a table of contents and an index, young readers get an introduction to using reference materials. The activities are age-appropriate and fun for other family members and fellow students to join in on. Play the animal group board game and the spot-the-animal game, create stand-up paper animals and an animal flip book, cook animal-shaped pancakes, make shadow animals on the wall, sing animal noise songs, and paint rocks to look like small animals! Any necessary materials can be found around the house. My Animal Book could easily be used in the classroom or be integrated into a homeschooling program. It would also make an excellent gift for a child looking to learn more outside of a school setting.

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