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Recipes for a Sacred Life: True Stories and a Few Miracles by Rivvy Neshama is in the vein of a self-help book but stands out because the chapters are mostly short stories drawn from the author’s experience. However, don’t mistake the book for a memoir. Her vignette style is what sets her apart from other self-help books, with the aim to illustrate a particular “instruction” or building block that makes life more sacred and serene. Neshama does not do this to give readers a sense of her own world: “I was going to list the things I do that make my life feel sacred,” she writes, “then I realized that this would be my list … so your list might be, well, whatever connects you with your passion and love.”

Neshama’s tone is candid yet light, and is refreshing in the sense that she doesn’t disown her attitudes or actions, past or present. The book is an easy read, arranged to remind us of a lesson or indicate spiritual options, and so the stories only sketch the emotional impact of a scene rather than descend into it.

Recipes for a Sacred Life is a guide, both conversational and at-a-glance, for those seeking spiritual insight into themselves and their relationships.

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