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Charlie the shark and Olivia Octopus are best friends. Instead of swimming and playing in the ocean, they love to watch the families on the beach. More than anything, Charlie wants a hug, and Olivia really wants a kiss. They try all kinds of things to gets hugs and kisses, but none of the beach-goers are interested. They stage a play, have an art show, and even offer rides, but still no one is interested in a hug or kiss from Charlie or Olivia. Certainly, no one is interested when Charlie and Olivia offer of a food-eating contest since the food offered is an algae soufflé. Everyone actually runs away. Charlie is heartbroken, so Olivia wraps all of her arms around Charlie and gives him a hug. Charlie gives Olivia a kiss.

Shark Kiss, Octopus Hug will delight your child with the silly antics of a shark and an octopus. The pictures are colorful and happy, and the story is just too cute. Your child will laugh at the charming outcome of how Charlie and Olivia solve their problem!

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