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Born blind, Kendra Michaels’s other senses are highly acute, and when new stem cell surgery restores her sight, she embraces that miracle by developing the ability to see what others are unlikely to notice. She has assisted law enforcement with her unique powers of observation and perception in the past, visiting grizzly crime scenes and offering useful bits of overlooked information to FBI agents. When she realizes that a series of copycat murders are being committed in imitations of previous cases, she knows she must become involved again. However, when people Kendra knows become victims of these brutal crimes, she realizes that she may know the murderer and that she may be next.

Iris Johansen and her son Roy, with whom she has successfully collaborated in the past, have once again delivered a tale with thrilling plots and unforgettable characters. This story creates superb tension and page after page of suspense. Mystery fans trying to guess the who and how of the killings will be kept in the dark right up to the stunning finish.

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