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When things get hard for Jenny Lee, she fights the only way that she knows how — hard and to the bone. In Smile Again, Jenny Lee, by Carlo Caldana, we meet Jenny, a tennis star who suffers two horrible incidents. First, a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding–like feud takes place, resulting in an accident on the tennis court. Next, her agent runs away with all of Jenny’s earnings. Down on her luck and eager to compete again, Jenny needs money and support. She seeks out her wealthy mother for help getting back on her feet but is denied. Jenny is determined to find her absentee father. She starts her search with help from a janitor that she befriends.

Jenny isn’t your most likable main character, but with her headstrong determination she is bound to find her father. Jenny is a hard character to read and be with on her journey, but her determination and guts, along with her willingness, pushes the reader to continue.

Jenny and Charles the janitor travel from Las Vegas to a nursing home and even get stuck in a snowstorm. They make this story a bit more intriguing for readers. Jenny’s behavior is a bit off-putting and it is almost as if she doesn’t want to find her father and would rather stay complacent in her screwed up life. In the end, readers will find redeeming qualities in all of the characters and will be pleasantly surprised.

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