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Lemonade Stand is a quintessential Berenstain Bears book with Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear in a learning situation. It is a hot day and Mama gives the young bears a glass of lemonade. When Mailbear Bob asks for a glass of lemonade and is willing to pay twenty-five cents for it, the bears hatch the idea to start a lemonade stand. “Neighbors! Buy a glass of lemonade! It is good!” Then neighbors bring out more drinks and food. Music is played and a simple lemonade stand becomes the impetus for a block party. Farmer Ben sells his fruit and Grizzly Gus sets off fireworks. At the end of the day, the bears are very tired.

The story is simple; the bears are learning responsibility and building community. Lemonade Stand is a level one reader for new readers and the illustrations will offer clues to the storyline. The story will inspire your reader to create their own lemonade stand as they practice sounding out the words in this sweet story.

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