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There is care and craft that originally accompanies the burial and memorial of a person and their grave, and this is matched by Dayton Foster in his passion project The Dead Do Speak To Us…: … of Love, Life & Death. That this book exists as a labor of love is touching in itself and a little quirky. Maybe you already appreciate a wander through a cemetery, pondering the lives that occurred between the birth and death dates carved into stone, or maybe you just appreciate stillness.

Foster has collected photographs he took over many years and paired them with epitaphs or other sayings related to the passing of life. This is a full-color book with a simple layout that does indeed replicate the feeling of standing in front of a headstone. The grave markers photographed are elaborate and simple, wood and stone, and even real and carved skeletons.

“To recognize the reality of death in our lives allows us to enjoy the preciousness of life,” writes the author in his preface. The Dead Do Speak To Us… is more than a quote book, it is a repository of visual and written contemplation.

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