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Shelby and Brian Tate are not excited about moving to their new home, given to them by their great-aunt Amelia. Even worse, the house is filled with creepy dolls that seem to stare at them and move around on their own. When Shelby starts hearing the dolls talk to each other and to her, she realizes that she has a mystery to solve if her family ever wants to have peace.

The Doll Graveyard is a wonderful novel for older children or younger teens. The book explores the thought that old hurts and behaviors can have consequences that live for years. The characters are well written – Shelby is feisty and mercurial while her brother Brian is a quieter genius – and the mystery of the story unveils itself logically. There is a general air of spookiness throughout the book, but nothing that should bother older children reading it. The Doll Graveyard is a great book that children seeking thrills will enjoy.

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