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Come along on a perilous journey through the Florida Keys as young student activist Ty searches for his old school friend Brad. From the rum-fueled Conch Militia to the shotgun-wielding techno dance party radicals, Runft’s characters fill the pages with their crazed antics. A hurricane sweeps through the Keys as Ty and his band of comrades search for his friend and fight for survival.

Ty slowly becomes disillusioned with his activist-centric college, Obioch. He is arrested during a protest and the family lawyer of his old school friend bails him out with a proposition: find Brad and bring him home. Meeting with Brad’s siblings reveals it won’t be a simple task, as Brad seems to have been involved with political eco-terrorists and something called Operation Detach.

As Ty travels around the Florida Keys, he discovers the true nature of Operation Detach and Brad’s role in it. Double-crossers and assassins sneak in here and there, attempting to foil Ty in his search for Brad. This story seems to borrow some inspiration from William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury in that it reveals the downfall of a prominent family, but it goes on to include the destructive fate of student-activists-turned-terrorists as well as the various inhabitants of the Keys.

There is humor throughout the story, which makes for a fun and entertaining read that also has moments of reflection. Grab your drink of choice and settle in for the wild adventure that is The Rum and the Fury.

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