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Having shocked the town with their scandalously improper marriages, the elder Noirot sisters abruptly leave their dressmaking enterprise to Leonie, who must face down rival modistes and society matriarchs to keep a roof over the fledgling business. Gambling all of her considerable cleverness and professional experience, Leonie wagers that she can turn Gladys Fairfax, the notoriously sharp-tongued ugly duckling, into society’s newest darling.

Simon Blair, the reluctant Lord Lisburne, can hardly resist the temptation Leonie presents, but he knows too well how intolerable his cousin Gladys can be. Accepting Leonie’s proposal could mean the loss of his favorite painting – a blow to his highborn pride – but the winner’s prize will be greater than either Simon or Leonie ever imagined.

Third in Loretta Chase’s bestselling Dressmakers series, Vixen in Velvet is a giddy dance of seduction set in early Victorian London. Readers will be charmed by the wonderfully awful poetry of Lord Swanton, the intricate designs of Madame Noirot, and the magnetic connection between Simon and Leonie, who is as captivating as her notorious sisters and proves to be a memorable heroine in her own right. With her signature wit and bright humor, Loretta Chase presents a truly delightful romance.

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