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Every child will laugh and chuckle at the age-old story of missing homework. First, the boy looked in the usual places: the desk, the bed, the bathtub, but no homework was found. His sister questioned him to make sure he really did do his homework. The boy pondered some outlandish possibilities: martians, pirates, or even a big fat boa constrictor could have taken his homework. Maybe his homework ran off to the circus, or perhaps the wicked witch turned his homework into a frog! Instead, he found Frumpy, his dog, eating his homework. The boy had no choice but to take Frumpy to school and tell his tale to his teacher. The teacher was skeptical, but then Frumpy’s belly rumbled and erupted with his homework. Where’s My Homework? is a funny tale with humorous prospects and colorful graphics. The pictures are detailed and your child will enjoy exploring each page as they ponder the implausible theories.

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