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The monitors deliver a dire warning: “Extinction event. Loss rate: 1,000,000 an hour. Extinction estimate: 233 days. Ammunition: 25 days. Food: 22 days. Potable water: 10 days.”

In the summer blockbuster movie World War Z, when the zombies arrive, all signs point to the end of humanity. Thank goodness for Brad Pitt! He plays the part of Gerry Lane, a United Nations employee on a mission to stop a deadly pandemic that threatens to annihilate humanity within a matter of days. If you enjoyed the original novel by Max Brooks, or are a fan of Marc Forester’s film, you must check out World War Z: The Art of the Film. As the movie’s official illustrated companion, it will appeal to many readers, and specifically to those with an interest in reading screenplays and studying production art.

It is fascinating to be able to read the screenwriters’ stage directions and comments. The book features the movie’s full shooting script, written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, and Damon Lindelof. Quotes from actors, directors, and crew reveal behind-the-scenes bits of information about how a particular scene was created or how a concept came to be. This is the perfect book for a wide variety of readers; if you are a fan of the movie, the book, specific cast or crew members, apocalyptic horror stories, or film scripts or design, you’ll be in zombie heaven!

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