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Different Springs by L. Kevin Coleman is a complicated thread of stories featuring two prominent families and three distinct religions all vying to get their hands on the last copy of a certain book that could radically change the paths of many lives. With a vast amount of settings, Coleman artistically weaves history from many different backgrounds and relations into a tangled web, intricately connected to tell a great story of historical and cultural value.

Owen Macauley, an attorney, finds himself entangled in these family webs when his longtime friend, Huey Pareeja, is accused of murdering a police captain. While Pareeja sits in jail for murder, Morocco is swept up by a few different forces of nature all searching for the same item, though for different reasons. The Vatican has assigned one of its many important priests, Monsignor Gene G. Rose, the task of also searching for this item, while Holocaust survivor Gilda Rabinowieczki catches wind of the book’s unearthing, and so begins yet another thread.

Coleman has a way of weaving his story together in a way that is almost romantic. The images he paints for you are clear and concise, articulate in how they draw you deeper into these character’s lives and histories. The rich history of New Orleans seeps through these pages, while the story continues flows around it. Drawing you in with his imagery, he masterfully reveals a world of past lives in early America, voicing the racial conflict issues with a sense of humble knowing and respect for issues that may very well speak to our world today.

Though Different Springs by L. Kevin Coleman may not be the type of read for everyone, if you are the type of reader to enjoy a good historical fiction novel, this one is a great recommendation for you.

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