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Duet is a novel about a woman with a very particular, very rare physical abnormality. The novel begins with the title character, a should-be model redhead who garners attention everywhere she goes, meeting a man in a bar. In spite of her self-consciousness in regard to her differently formed vagina, she takes this man home with her, but he freaks out and leaves, disgusted after he realized her abnormality.

Duet lives in New York. She does PR work, is fashionable, and receives copious amounts of male attention without even seeking it. Everyone just wants to get close to her. But it’s hard for her to let anyone in because she is so afraid rejection as a result of what makes her different; however, she is not afraid enough to keep strangers’ faces away from it, but afraid enough to not want to get too emotionally attached. But then she meets Oskar – handsome, successful, cool, and detached – who has no problem with her body, but who doesn’t provide the emotional stability she needs. He flits in and out of her life and leads her down a bumpy path full of emotional disarray, blackmail, and her ex.

There is some humor in the novel, but, overall, for all of her grand interests, her unique anatomy, and her obsession with men, this reviewer found Duet to be too typical and clichéd to really care too much about what happened to her, not to mention her friends or lovers.

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