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When an unexpected heart attack claims Cordelia Kane’s beloved father, his deathbed confession upends her quiet life and sends her across the world to Australia. With the unwelcome help of her best friend’s stern, sexy older brother – hotel magnate Aiden Madison – Cordelia will uncover the mystery of her absentee mother, but unexpectedly expose herself to dangers that even Aiden will struggle to overcome.

Sensible, whimsical Cordelia is somewhat stuck in the margins of her own story; accident-prone and magnetic to danger, Cordelia attracts trouble and then recuperates in a penthouse suite while the menfolk deal with the attempts on her life. Left powerless to save her own life, which she initially endangered by flying off half-cocked to Australia, Cordelia further frustrates her own happiness by stubbornly refusing to fall in love with her childhood Prince Charming after he finally recognizes her adult appeal.

By and large, Fast Track is a light, international spin of posh hotels and false identities, private jets and murder plots. Superficial suspense keeps a rather predictable plot moving forward, despite Cordelia’s inability to take control of her own storyline, and readers will welcome the reappearance of past Garwood characters. Though less than exciting at times, Fast Track is a fair to middling read from a leading author of romantic suspense.

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