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Scholastic’s newest counting book for little readers is all about fun! Five Hungry Pandas!: A Count and Crunch Book is filled with black and white pandas and lots of bamboo. And look out! These furry guys are hungry! Little ones just learning to count from one to five are the appropriate age for this unique board book. It is sturdy, colorful, and uses simple words that are perfect for young readers.

“Read, count, and munch with this hungry panda bunch!”

All these pandas want to do is munch and munch. The book is cut in a clever way that allows readers to see all five cuties at all times. And when one eats a stalk of yummy bamboo, kids are reminded that four still need to fill their tummies. This helps strengthen math skills, specifically adding and subtracting. Parents can ask, “If three pandas have their lunch, how many still need to eat?” And what a great time to introduce where pandas come from and why bamboo is the food of choice in this book. Why not fix your little reader some celery and carrot sticks to crunch and munch while they read about the pandas chewing and eating their nice green bamboo? And after enjoying a crunchy snack, both readers and “Five happy pandas [will be] ready for a nap!”

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