AimeeIn Loving Memory of Aimee Rasmussen

September 11, 1978 – October 7, 2014

Aimee Rasmussen came to Portland Book Review in March 2011 as a Reviewer and quickly moved into a Managing Editor role. She wrote and edited reviews, articles, and our print editions with a detailed eye that was both annoying and awe-inspiring. Aimee’s love for the written word made Portland Book Review her passion and progressed it along in its success. She would often come over and help me log books bringing coffee and desserts to get us through the process. Neither one of us would admit this out loud, but we were quite competitive in how many books each one of us would get into the system. She kicked my butt every time but, if the truth be told, I let her!  Her love for the print edition would never waiver and she always looked for ways for us to continue printing as long as we could. Portland Book Review will never be the same without her.

Aimee accepted everyone. She was compassionate, caring, understanding and always agreeable. No matter what my mood or agenda, Aimee was my rock. She had a solid vision for business and was never worried about the money or obstacles that stood in our way. She loved her coffee cakes from Insomnia or Starbucks and once, when I offered to make homemade tea and cookies for us when we logged books in, she ate and drank as if it was store-bought. I learned quickly that my tea-making abilities were less than desired and she never stopped making fun of my “colored water”. She was an outdoorsman and loved the theater often inviting me to join her escapades in both.

Aimee lost her battle with cancer. She was my confidant and my friend on so many levels. I miss her deeply and look forward to seeing her again – although I’ll need to work on my iced tea making abilities before then!

The Memorial Service  for Aimee is at Sonrise Church  at 6701 NE Campus Way Hillsboro, OR  at 12:30 PM on Saturday, October 25th.


Hi, my name is Aimee Rasmussen, and I’m addicted to books. Seriously… I absolutely love reading! It is my #1 thing to do with any free time I have. Naturally, this passion lends itself to pursuing some sort of career in literature, so I started off with a Bachelor’s degree in English from Portland State U., and then continued at Pacific U. for a Masters in Teaching to become a middle-school/high-school English teacher. Although I’ve only been substituting for the last couple years, the lack of lesson planning and grading allows me more free time to do what? Read, of course!

I got involved with Portland Book Review in Fall 2011 as a reviewer, and then, with my super duper grammar skills and uncanny attention to detail, added the responsibilities of copy editing, posting reviews on our website, adding to our database, managing our Twitter account, and any other projects our awesome Editor-in-Chief has for me to do. I’m very excited to be involved with this organization, and I look forward to helping it grow and expand to reach more and more book lovers out there!