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An older couple moves from the city to the southern countryside to live in a quiet gated community that is geared towards older people. This is how the latest book by Pascal Garnier begins. For a while the couple are the only two living in this community that is furnished with the promise of a pool, community center, and a gate that keeps out the undesirables. Eventually, one more couple and a single person arrive as well. What follows is a series of maladies, mishaps and misunderstandings – random acts of violence, and paranoia that can’t be stopped.  Each person does not feel they are old, yet when they see the other old people they can tell how old they’ve become.

This is a short little work that is very dark, with some black humor. Not everyone will like this book, and this reviewer thinks a good portion will find it repulsive. But it is defiantly a book for the modern age. With the rise of CCTV cameras, gated communities and older people abandoning the city, this story tells a story about trying to find the sense of security in a world that is not secure.

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