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Attention! Tiger Reported Lost From Local Zoo!

Lily wants a dog, but her mom says no because they’re too much work. Instead of a puppy, Lily gets a striped gray-and-white kitty cat for a new pet! He doesn’t do tricks, but he is quite cute and doesn’t make much trouble – until Lily leaves him alone in the kitchen. Something strange happens: a catastrophe! When Lily comes back into the kitchen, it’s a complete mess. How could one teeny, tiny kitty do all this? The same thing happens in the den and the bedroom. You’d think this naughty kitty came from a zoo. Author and illustrator Adam Stower’s picture book Naughty Kitty! will have readers laughing as they discover what is really going on!

When you look closely at the illustrations, fantastic details appear. In the first picture, a striped creature is creeping behind the hedge in Lily’s front yard. Will readers spot this wild detail? The magnets on the refrigerator spell out “tiger.” Who is this mysterious new friend? Young readers will learn about the responsibility that comes with owning a pet, big or small. This is also a fun book about what happens when someone (or some kitty) gets blamed for something they didn’t do. If you like Naughty Kitty!, read about Lily’s first adventure in Silly Doggy!

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