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Women comedians do not have it easy. They can be viewed as mean, aggressive, and other words that I can’t use right now. Many people feel that women can’t be both beautiful and maintain the feminine ideal and be a comedian at the same time, that it is not proper for a pretty lady to be a funny comedian. In this book, author Linda Mizejewski looks at several women comedians and how they used a combination of their looks and humor to get to where they are today. From Kathy Griffin and her D-List status, to Tina Fey and her quirky comedy about gender relations, to Wanda Sykes and Ellen DeGeneres and how they have used their sexuality in their comedy, each chapter looks at a particular comedian and then explores how she has gotten her message across and is still viewed as female.

Even though this is written for academic audiences, it is a book that the average reader will enjoy and be able to understand. The chapters do not need to be read in order; they can each be read as standalone stories. The author makes convincing arguments about the role of comedy in society and that it was not easy for these ladies.

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