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Beloved Princess Baby is back, and this time she stars in a sweet story to help all her friends get ready for bed! Princess Baby, Night-Night is the perfect board book to pull out at bedtime when you want your royal tot to relax. The story begins with Princess Baby’s parents calling her to bed. But the pint-sized heroine isn’t tired yet! Plus, there is so much to do to prepare all of her royal subjects for bed, too. When Mommy and Daddy think Princess Baby is getting ready to go to sleep, she is setting up her toys, putting them in their pajamas, giving them a last sip of water, washing their faces and brushing their teeth! Princess baby doesn’t forget to pick out a book (or eight) for a bedtime story!

What a busy baby! And she does it all with her crown on and a purple cape. Will this terrific tot ever tire out and go to bed? What will Mommy and Daddy find when they enter Baby’s room? A wide-eyed wild child or a softly snoozing sweetie-pie? Read Princess Baby, Night-Night to find out. The book’s front cover shines and gleams with Princess Baby’s golden crown and slippers. Little ones will like the feel of running their curious fingers over these glittering accessories. The book’s message about having a routine before bed is an important one to share with little kids who are trying to get on a better bedtime schedule. Try not to follow Princess Baby’s plan – she’ll do anything to avoid getting into bed! But eventually even princesses get tired!

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