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Ellen Trawton has fled her life in London: her job, her family, and her fiancé. Realizing that she wants something different out of life, but aware of her family’s expectations, she takes refuge in her estranged aunt’s home in Connemara, Ireland. Determined to become a writer, Ellen is instantly drawn to a mysterious lighthouse where a young wife died five years ago. As she gets to know the town and its residents, Ellen learns about secrets that affect her in more ways than one.

Secrets of the Lighthouse is a novel by author Santa Montefiore, and it is a lovely and haunting story. Balancing between Ellen’s search for self-discovery and flashbacks about the mystery of the lighthouse, Montefiore seamlessly weaves a mystery that is intriguing and fascinating. Ellen is nicely written, and the reader feels for her in her struggle to become her own woman. The secrets revealed in the book are not surprising (although they are disclosed in logical ways), and the ending feels too neat and tidy. Overall, though, this is a well-written book that fans of fiction will enjoy.

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