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The Dreamosphere is a book that anyone can really connect to, since we all dream, and we all wonder what happens to our dreams after we’ve stopped dreaming them. The idea that dreams never go away and are forever in the “dreamosphere” is a very cool idea and gives this book a unique storyline, especially in tween books where it is harder to find a good balance between too mature and too young.

“Are you serious? How can you force us to write something like that? I mean, what if you don’t love your life? What if you hate your life?”

Gwen is an odd girl that most people think is weird, but her teacher, Mr. Tell, likes her a lot, and they have a great friendship. When you first find out that Xander, a boy from Gwen’s school, is having dreams about her when he doesn’t even know her, you really start to feel the story pick up. When Gwen finds out someone is destroying her dream orbs, she must enter her own dreams to discover the truth. Will she believe it when she figures out who has been destroying her dreams?

This really was a good book with a storyline that is very unique and easy enough for young kids to read as well as interesting to older ones. I would recommend this book to anyone!

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