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This book will not leave you indifferent!

Dr. Andrew D. Kaplan, adjunct professor at Maryland University College, works as a writer/editor for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. He specializes in religious and spiritual issues. In his recent book, The Hidden Light, he invites readers to join him in an exploration of the Bible’s creation story. Even though it has been studied for centuries, it still holds many mysteries. The author uses ancient and modern authoritative texts to help explain its secrets.

Dr. Kaplan examines different perspectives on the seven days of creation and focuses on the important issues of each day. He primarily uses Jewish sources and provides quotes from the Bible in Hebrew. Since every word and letter in Hebrew has meaning and cannot be changed, added, or omitted, it’s easy to agree with the author that reading the Bible in English and other modern languages doesn’t give the depth that reading the Bible in original Hebrew does. While discussing God’s Omnipresence and Omniscience and his Wisdom, Justice, and Mercy, Kaplan uses Peshat (plain), Remez (symbolic), Derash (interpretive), and Sod (mystical) interpretations that exist in Jewish tradition. The bibliography includes works by Arabic, Buddhist, and Jewish commentators as well as other sources from different cultures.

Although this is a religious book, it isn’t a didactic work. This isn’t a scientific tractate either. There are a lot of sidebars, illustrations and a long list of outside sources. This book is for a very curious mind that is eager to know why the Divine was concealed or when Angels and Hell were created, etc. While Dr. Kaplan presents what is widely known, he suggests his own interpretations and engages readers to discuss the most amazing story of all times with friends and family.

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