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Malka Treynovsky leaves with her Russian family to land on the shores of America where the roads are paved with gold and kids eat milk and honey all day long. Alas, Malka’s immigrant experience begins.  Malka’s father soon abandons the family, and Malka suffers a devastating injury when her leg is crushed by a horse. She finds herself on the streets trying to figure out how to survive. Fortunately the man, whose horse crushed her leg, takes her in, and she learns his family ice cream business. When she is suddenly abandoned by the family, she uses the only thing she knows and starts an ice cream business herself. Her husband, Albert, patents a special machine for soft ice cream and Lillian’s (aka Malka) ice cream empire is born!

Susan Jane Gilman’s The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street tells the tale of an interesting rise to power coupled with real events in history. Gilman’s writing is crisp, and she skillfully paints a stunning picture with her words. Although long, this book hooked me instantly with the trials of Lillian and her rise and fall from power. Readers will love the humor and brutal honesty of Lillian as they find out what happens next to this engaging character!

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