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Seiffert’s novel revolves around Stevie in the present day and around Stevie’s parents in the past. Stevie is trying to find his way as he works as a laborer near his hometown of Glasgow. Chapters alternate between Stevie’s life as a laborer and Stevie’s parents’ mismatched pairing during his childhood. Lindsey, Stevie’s mother, is quiet, somber, and spends too much time with her husband’s brother, Eric. Lindsey is adept at running away as she leaves her father, her husband, and her son. Stevie’s father cannot seem to make Lindsey happy as they argue constantly between short bouts of happiness.

The Walk Home is written with an authentic, thick Glaswegian twang, which sometimes makes this book difficult to understand. Loneliness and running from problems are constant themes in the storyline, which, for this reviewer, made for a pretty depressing read.

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